YAS Download shortcut not working for the past couple of days? Solution & Alternatives in 2024

Are you facing a problem with the YAS Download shortcut not working in recent days & want to get rid of this? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place.

Still, I didn’t face that problem in my case but I promise, I will try my best to provide the solution to this problem. So, without worrying, read this article and apply the solutions I provided in your case.

So, let’s get started on the main course.

Possible Solutions for the shortcut not working for the past couple of days

Let’s see the solution for Yas download shortcut not working recently. There are possible 7 solutions to this problem which I gave in the below section.

  • Solution 1: Redownload the Shortcut 👉 First, go to your shortcut app and delete the Yas Download shortcut. Open the Safari browser, visit our website ‘’, and redownload the shortcut from there.
  • Solution 2: Clear Cache Data 👉 Also you go to the Shortcuts app’s settings and clear all the app’s cache data. Again after clearing the cache start the app and check whether the problem is resolved.
  • Solution 3: Restart your device 👉 You restart your iOS device and then go to YouTube or Instagram and download any source home to see if it works.
  • Solution 4: Check the Internet 👉 Sometimes the poor internet problem can be caused by not showing the shortcut while downloading any media in a social platform. So, look for whether the connection is good or not and then try to change the internet source to another wifi.
  • Solution 5: Update your iPhone 👉 If your iPhone is ready for update then make sure to update it and then try again after restarting the phone.
  • Solution 6: Free up space 👉 If you have less space on your device then you can’t use the shortcut because whenever you download any video or image using this shortcut your space will be full.
  • Solution 7: Disable and enable iCloud Sync 👉 Also you can try another solution. You go to settings and disable the iCloud option first from the shortcut option. Then come to the home page clear everything and wait for 15 seconds. Link the shortcut again with the iCloud.

Alternatives of YAS Download

If none of the solutions I mentioned above don’t work, then you should not use this shortcut, instead, you can use any of the shortcuts I have provided here in the below section.

Yas Download

R Download

This shortcut called ‘R Download’ is very common in the market now and most iOS users are using this shortcut. Because with it you can download all kinds of videos and also different kinds of images without any crashing or lagging.

All Media Downloader

All Media Downloader is also a very good shortcut that allows you to download any type of video from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok. It helps you to solve your problem of downloading media using the YAS shortcut.

Pritam Download

With Pritam Download Shortcut, you can download any kind of photos and videos and be on any platform. If you want you can download the shorts from YouTube or reels from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Ultimate Downloader

Ultimate Downloader is another good option as an alternative to the YAS shortcut. You can try this to download videos and images quickly. It works well for especially YouTube and Instagram to download reels and shorts.


So friends, for the problem that the YAS Download shortcut has not working for a few days, I have given the possible solutions in the above section. In addition, if it does not work after trying all these solutions, then I have given the alternatives below. Please take a look. Also, if you have any questions about this topic, you can directly contact the developer of Yas Download or visit our Contact Us page.

Thank you for visiting our website and have a nice day.

Debasis Bera

I am Debasis Bera from Kolkata. I love to download videos, images from different social media platforms using shortcuts on iOS devices. I checked the YAS Download and since it is one of my favourite. So, I made this website to provide the shortcut & share knowledge and experience with the viewers.

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